Cocina tailandesa

Thai Zafra


Comida Real Tailandesa

  Domingo a Jueves:  12:30 a 17:00  y  20:00 a 22:30
Viernes y Sábado: 12:00 a 17:00 y 20:00 a 00:00
Cerrado: Lunes


Our philosophy

Our Food is based on an ancient Thai philosophy, where the dishes are specially prepared for the good health and well-being of our clients. This philosophy explains that good food nourishes our health by maintaining a balance of the elements of our body. From the ancient Thai recipes, we have created a balance not only in flavor but also in the medicinal properties of the ingredients we are using.

Thai Zafra🙏🏻Bienvenido al Auténtico Sa
Satay Kai👨‍🍳Brocheta de pollo marinado
Pad Thai Vegetariano🙏🏻Tallarines de ar
Homok Pla🌿Una mezcla de filete de merlu
Ya estamos ABIERTOS de Nuevo🙏🏻 Thai Za
Khung Sam Rod🇹🇭Colas de langostinos so
Pad Thai Sai Khung🇹🇭Tallarines de arro

Our kitchen

The key to Thai Cuisine is that it mixes the five flavors: sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty. In this way it manages to attack the palate from all sides and when it is well executed, and the spiciness is not predominant, it achieves a Harmony of Flavors difficult to find in other kitchens.

Tom Yam Khung🌺🌴🌿 La sopa perfecta par
SAWASDEE KHA🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Bienvenido al A

Groups / Travel Agencies

  If you need a reference restaurant for lunch or dinner, we have an air-conditioned dining room for large and medium groups. We have more than 20 years of experience in Thai cuisine feeding travelers from all over Europe and Asia, we offer the possibility of hiring menus for all kinds of groups. We have a wide selection of GLUTEN FREE, VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN food. The restaurant is located in the heart of the Salamanca District in Madrid. 10 minutes walk from PLAZA DE TOROS DE VENTAS.

Menú Thai 17,50€

Menú Bangkok  22,00€

Menú Phuket  25,00€

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Thai Zafra

Comida Real Tailandesa


calle Marqués de Mondejar 4, Madrid 28028

Metro: Manuel Becerra

Tel.  658 344  799 / 910463 280



Martes a Domingo  12:45 a 17:00 y

19:45 a 23:30

Viernes y Sábado hasta 00:00